Muscle Mechanics


Muscle Mechanics offers extremely safe, scientific, experienced fitness and performance training.  Featuring Muscle Activation Techniques® Muscle Mechanics offers an unparalleled personal training experience in the Kansas City area.  

Proper exercise progression is all about the systematic application of exercises to increase or maintain the muscular capacity of an individual.  This fundamental thought process is how Muscle Mechanics builds exercise programs that ultimately help people lose weight, "tone" up, feel better, perform better and move better with minimal risk of injury through the exercise process.

Ryan Kerola, the owner and operator of Muscle Mechanics, has over 15 years of success helping people exercise safely around a variety of injuries.*  Ryan regularly works with people who are currently under the care of another professional (physical therapist, chiropractor, etc).   He believes a team approach and strong communication between professions can lead to optimal results as individuals transition from a therapeutic setting to a fitness or performance (sports) environment.

*Muscle Mechanics requires your doctor's approval prior to beginning any aspect of personal training.

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