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An appropriately designed strength program can be the key to developing muscle tone, reducing body fat, improving athletic performance, maximizing joint integrity, reducing pain*, and maintaining long term health. Muscle Mechanics offers a variety of session options to meet anybody's fitness needs.  Just call to start with a free consultation to help determine the best plan that meets your needs, goals and resources.

Muscle Activation Techniques™ assessment by Restorative Fitness
           55 Minute 1-1 Training Sessions

This is the most common and most personalized session.  Varying by personal fitness status and goal; the session can be entirely dedicated to Muscle Activation Techniques®, entirely dedicated to more traditional exercises or a combination of both.  Many people who are trying to come back from an injury (with medical approval to exercise) benefit the most from this duration.  Highly customized programs are built to help clients with a variety of goals from fat loss to sports performance.

           30 Minute 1-1 Training Sessions


This length of session is usually dedicated exclusively to improving mobility using primarily Muscle Activation Techniques® (MAT®) or to more traditional exercises.  For traditional exercise this duration can make for a great "express" workout during lunch.  Highly customized programs are built around the most effective exercises for individual results in a systematic progression. 

           Partner and Small Group Training


For those who wish to train with friends or family; general exercise programs designed to maximize strength, "athletic tone", fat loss and overall health are built and then tweaked to meet the individual needs of each person in the group.

           Exercise Planning


Exercise is meant to be a lifelong process.  After basic skills have been acquired, Muscle Mechanics uses proprietary software to offer an unmatched level of detail in custom exercise progressions that can be implemented on one's own.  Visit for a skill tune up/maintenance session between once a week and once a month and your workouts will be designed for you.

*No service offered by Muscle Mechanics is designed to diagnose or treat pain.  Often improved strength and muscular effieciency attained through traditional exercise and/or Muscle Activation Techniques® can have a pleasant side effect of reduced pain.  Always consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

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